Manufacturer and Importer

of Popular Indonesian Food.

Who we are

Larissa Food was founded in 2002 with the goal of manufacturing, importing and popularizing Indonesian food and snacks within Canada. The pride of the company is our Tempeh, various selections of krupuk (Indonesian crackers) and Fried Fish. What sets us apart from other companies is our dedication to authenticity, quality, and variety. In order to control those three factors, we import our products directly from trusted providers in Indonesia, as well as Canadian growers.

Canada has a wide selection of food from cultures around the world, be it Italian, Indian, Caribbean, or Chinese. However, the selection of Indonesian snacks, and cuisine in general is quite scarce in comparison. Our company helps to fill in this gap. While Tempeh, Krupuk and Fried Fish is our main focus, we import all sorts of products ranging from specialty seasonings, teas, and many other snacks that fall out of the domain of Krupuk.

We also do contract production; Our product - Your brand.

Our Products

Tempeh Rendang

Delicious choices of traditional cuisine.

Organic and Non GMO Tempeh

High protein and dietery fiber dish made through fermentation process.

"Kerupuk" or Crackers

A very popular addition to almost every main Indonesian dish.

Chili and Soya Sauces

Two of the most iconic flavours of Indonesian food; spicy and sweet.

Specialty Seasonings

Selling only the best Indonesian brands of seasonings.

Tempeh Curry

One of Indonesia's most delicious and favourite food.

Tempeh Sauteed

Simply delicious.


Indonesia's delicious and unique kinds of snacks.

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